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Note that: 1 hide nearly equal 38.01 feet. All our products will be sold to our sister company PIEL COLOR which brings brings over 25 years of experience for tanning and leather finishing in the Quesna industrial area.

100% Of products will be exported by PIEL COLOR to

12 Countries, Starting 2023:



All used chemicals are certified by REACH from the EU. It is planning to produce 4,000 hides per day for both split & wetblue on the first year and first half of second year and grow to 6,000 hides per day for both split & wetblue in the second half of the second Year to finally reach optimum capacity of 12,000 hides per day for split & wetblue starting Year 4


Is built over 35 thousand square meters including, tanning factory, is equipped with the latest technology taking into consideration the environmental impact of the industry and meeting the necessary requirements to offset this impact in line with international standards using specialized chemicals imported from Germany, Spain, France & Russia as well as organic chemicals imported from Argentina and Brazil.

Finished Leather & Leather Crust Factory.

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